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Creating a Community for Those with Diabetes


Two Livingston moms are creating a community for those living with diabetes so that no child or adult ever feels alone on their diabetic journey. Stephanie Meininger and Hallie Dennis’ organization, The Diabetes Resource Network (The D Network), aims to provide support and resources to diabetics of all ages.

In 2010, Stephanie’s then 4-year-old daughter, Sophia, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). Sophia’s family did all they could to normalize their new life however, emotionally, Sophia at times felt alone in her disease. Through her daughter’s journey Stephanie states, “I saw what was missing for Sophia as a T1D and for me as her mother, so I was inspired to fill that gap with the Diabetes Resource Network.”

The organization’s mission was furthered in 2016 when Hallie’s daughter and Sophia’s oldest friend Dylan was diagnosed with the same disease. Notes Hallie, “I realized how fortunate both Dylan and I were to have Sophia and Stephanie to turn to for support.

Most diabetics upon diagnosis don’t have a close friend to turn to and that just further motivated me to help others.”
The D Network’s mission is to offer support, insight, information, and education through a variety of programs, products, and a mobile app that cater to all that are affected by diabetes—including family members.

These programs will help normalize lives upon diagnosis and train family members to care for diabetic members. And as inspired by Sophia and Dylan, The D Network creates a community where those living with diabetes can connect with each other for support.


“We are excited to start helping diabetics gain the support, supplies and resources they need” said Stephanie Meininger, CEO. “We were thrilled with our attendance of over 500 participants at our kick off event this Labor Day for our Color Run 5K Run/Walk” said Co-CEO Hallie Dennis.


Stephanie Meininger and Hallie Dennis

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