Eliminating the Double Chin

Eliminate the “Turkey Gobbler”
Redefine the Neckline with New Medical Technologies

by Katrina Musto

The gentle curve of the neck plays an important part in projecting a youthful appearance. According to a 2015 survey by the American Society of Dermatology, 68% of consumers are bothered by “submental fullness”—a double chin. For men and women, excessive chin fat can lead to a negative self-impression.

As people age, the neck goes through substantial changes. Various rejuvenation techniques have been developed to address the aging neck. The FDA recently approved two therapies that target the unwanted turkey gobbler: Cryotherapy and Kybella®.

Cryotherapy unleashes the power of cold to freeze fat cells. Performed using CoolSculpting® technology, a small applicator called the “Mini” conforms to the neck’s shape, targeting unwanted fat cells. The painless treatment produces results in three weeks, reaching its full potential in two to three months. Dr. Aurora DeJuliis of The Aurora DeJuliis, MD European Medi-Spa in Montclair explains most patients require only one treatment, although depending on the amount of chin fat, some may require another session.

With the other therapy, Kybella® (deoxycholic acid) is injected into the fat beneath the chin and destroys the unwelcome fat cells. Side effects consist of bruising and mild swelling, but results start to appear in three weeks. Usually three or four sessions are necessary. “In my experience” adds Dr. DeJuliis, “both treatments are very effective at eliminating fat cells. The added bonus is tighter skin and a better-defined neckline.”


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