Floating Therapy: Massaging the Mind and Body

Since opening two years ago, Salt Float Center in Montclair has hosted more than 7,000 visits from clients ages 9 through 86, who have enjoyed the healing effects of float therapy. “I believe that everyone can benefit from float therapy,” states owner Rob McDonald.


While floating is considered an alternative therapy, its benefits are well documented in Restrictive Environmental Stimulation Therapy (R.E.S.T.) scientific research. The refocusing and rebalancing of one’s sensory awareness are the hallmarks of R.E.S.T., often resulting in profound relaxation and relief from physical and mental pain, including stress, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, arthritis, and pregnancy-related discomfort.


Floating offered at Salt Float Center draws upon the therapeutic restorative and regenerative effects of R.E.S.T. The center maintains several tub-like facilities–two Float Suites and a Float Orb. Although slightly different in design, both types deliver the same results. Each contains about ten inches of water, includes roughly 1100 pounds of dissolved Epsom salt, and maintains a 93.5-degree water temperature. This salty, temperature-controlled, gravity-free environment encourages the therapeutic benefits of R.E.S.T as well as the similar salt-healing attributes of the Dead Sea.


After lying in the tub, turning out the lights, and eliminating any sounds, the client floats effortlessly in a private spa setting for 60-120 minutes. Within the first 20 minutes of floating, cortisol and adrenaline decline while endorphins and dopamine increase, inducing a “runner’s high.” The rapid rush of the feel-good hormones produces a deep state of relaxation. Most guests drift naturally into a meditative state. Inflammation decreases and mental blocks clear, causing a post-treatment euphoria of wellness and creativity that can last for days.


States McDonald, “With floating, guests can experience ultimate ‘me time’ in an environment their mind and body have never had the sublime pleasure of enjoying.”


Salt Float Center

149 Valley Road, Montclair




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