MBX Addresses Both Mind and Body

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is more than just exercise and diet, according to Thelis Negron, founder of MBX—The Mind & Body Experience. It’s all about mind coaching, she said.

“Learning to live a healthy lifestyle begins with learning about relationships, not just with people, but with food, exercise, and one’s body,” said Negron, who holds a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy in addition to several certifications in personal training, life coaching, nutrition, and physical therapy. “In addition to setting up a personal training program, I coach my clients on transforming their negative habits into a healthier lifestyle that will bring lasting results long after the 12 weeks are completed.”

Mind coaching, she said, helps get at the root causes of behaviors that are holding individuals back from living a healthy lifestyle. 

Some of the key components of the MBX 12 Week Program are learning how to build more muscle so that body fat can be reduced, making smarter food choices to attain more energy, and correcting muscular imbalances for a stronger body overall. 

MBX, located at the Bellevue Plaza location for two years, welcomes clients of all ages and fitness levels. Clients interested in signing up for the 12-week program receive a $150 consultation, which is applied toward their three-month package if they choose to sign up for the program. 

“Everyone experiences some roadblocks in their health and fitness journey,” she added, “but we teach our clients how to navigate through them on their own for life-long results.”


MBX—The Mind & Body Experience

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